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# Author: Prabhu Ramachandran
# Copyright (c) 2004-2007, Enthought, Inc.
# License: BSD Style.

"""This module generates the class hierarchy for any given Python
modules.  This can be used (among other things) to generate the
traitified VTK classes in the correct order.


import __builtin__

00014 class TreeNode:
    """Represents a node in the class tree.

    Stores information on the sub and super classes of a particular
    class.  It also stores the inheritance level of the class inside
    the inheritance tree (essentially how many levels of inheritance
    are there below this class).  This inheritance level is computed
    when the `get_level` method is called.  The `get_level` method
    works only when the parent information is complete.

00026     def __init__(self, klass):
        """Given a class, create a node in the tree.

        - klass : `class`

          The class which is represented as a node in the tree.

        self.klass = klass
        self.name = klass.__name__
        self.children = []
        self.parents = []
        # Uninitialized level is set to None
        self.level = None

00043     def add_parent(self, parent):
        """Add a parent node."""
        assert isinstance(parent, TreeNode)
        if parent not in self.parents:

00049     def add_child(self, child):
        """Add a child node. """
        assert isinstance(child, TreeNode)
        if child not in self.children:

00055     def get_level(self):
        """Returns the inheritance level of the node (an int).  If the
        level has not been set, the method computes it.  Note however,
        that this computation will fail if the parent information is

        if not self.level:
            if self.parents:
                self.level = max([x.get_level() for x in self.parents]) + 1
                self.level = 0
        return self.level

00069     def get_ancestors(self):
        """Returns a list of ancestor nodes from which this class has

        def _get_ancestors(node, ancestors):
            for p in node.parents:
                _get_ancestors(p, ancestors)
        ancestors = []
        _get_ancestors(self, ancestors)
        return ancestors

00083 class ClassTree:
    """Contains and generates all the class tree information.

    On initialization of the instance, nothing is done.  The classes
    are obtained using the list of modules (or a single module) that
    is used to initialize the instance.  One must then call the
    `create` method to generate the tree structure.  The instance of
    the class also can be treated as an iterator which iterates over
    the nodes of the tree.

    There are two ways in which the tree hierarchy is stored.  A
    dictionary mapping class names to the tree node and a tree
    represented as a list of lists containing the nodes.  The tree is
    organized based on a concept of an inheritance level.  A class
    that has no parent classes (no base classes) is said to be at
    level zero.  If a class inherits successively from 7 classes, it
    is at level 6.  An example of inheritance for a vtkFoo class is
    given below:

      vtkFoo -> vtkBar -> vtkObject -> vtkObjectBase

    Here, vtkObjectBase has an inheritance level of 0 and vtkFoo a
    level of 3.  One can traverse the tree by using the level as an
    index and find all the classes at a particular level.

    Here is some example usage of this class::

        >>> import vtk
        >>> t = ClassTree(vtk)
        >>> t.create()
        >>> print t.get_node('vtkObject').name
        >>> print t.get_node('vtkObject').parents[0].name
        >>> print len(t.tree[0])
        >>> t.tree[0][0].name

00124     def __init__(self, modules):
        """Initialize the instance with the given modules.


        - modules : `sequence` of modules or a module

          This is either a single module or a sequence of modules.
          The instance uses these list of modules to generate the
          class tree.
        self.nodes = {}
        self.tree = [[]]
        if not hasattr(modules, '__iter__'):
            self.modules = [modules]
            self.modules = modules

    def __iter__(self):
        return iter(self.nodes.values())

00147     def _generate_hierarchy(self, klass):
        """Does the hard work of generating the class hierarchy."""
        node = self.get_node(klass.__name__, create=1)
        for base in klass.__bases__:
            base_node = self.get_node_from_class(base, create=1)

00156     def get_class(self, name):
        """Given a class name in the given modules returns the class."""
        klass = None
        for m in self.modules:
            if hasattr(m, name):
                return getattr(m, name)
        if hasattr(__builtin__, name):
            klass = getattr(__builtin__, name)
        if not klass:
                klass = self.nodes[name].klass
            except KeyError:
                raise KeyError, "Cannot find class of name %s"%name
        return klass

00171     def add_node(self, klass):
        """Create a node for the given class."""
        name = klass.__name__
        if not self.nodes.has_key(name):
            node = TreeNode(klass)
            self.nodes[name] = node
            return node

00179     def get_node(self, name, create=0):
        """Get a node of the given name.


        - name : `str`

          Name of the node to get.

        - create : `boolean`

          If True, a new node will be added if no node of the given
          name is available.  Defaults to False.


        - `TreeNode`

        if self.nodes.has_key(name):
            return self.nodes[name]
        elif create:
            return self.add_node(self.get_class(name))

00205     def get_node_from_class(self, cls, create=0):
        """Get a node of the given class.


        - cls : `class`

          Class of the node to get.

        - create : `boolean`

          If True, a new node will be added if no node of the given
          name is available.  Defaults to False.


        - `TreeNode`

        name = cls.__name__
        if self.nodes.has_key(name):
            return self.nodes[name]
        elif create:
            return self.add_node(cls)

00232     def create(self, class_names=None):
        """This method generates the class tree given an optional list
        of class names.


        - class_names - `list` of `str`

          An optional list of names of the classes to generate the
          tree for.  Defaults to None where the class list is computed
          from the modules.        

        if class_names is None:
            class_names = []
            for m in self.modules:            
        # Generate the nodes.
        for name in class_names:
            klass = self.get_class(name)
            if klass and hasattr(klass, '__bases__'):

        # Compute the inheritance level and store the nodes in the tree.
        for node in self:
            d = node.get_level()
            while len(self.tree) <= d:

        # Sort the nodes alphabetically.
        def _comp(x, y):
            return cmp(x.name, y.name)
        for nodes in self.tree:

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